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Medium in length and almond in shape, these beautiful Matte finish red nails are finished off with a sexy black high gloss stripe down the middle of each nail. This look is gauranteed to catch the eye of on-lookers and will finish off your look perfectly. 


  • Length: Medium

    Shape: Almond

    Color: Bright red with black stripe

    Finish: Matte (with hi gloss accents)

    Size: custom (please specify below)

    Size 0: 18mm, Size 1: 16mm, Size 2: 15mm, Size 3: 14mm, Size 4: 13mm, Size 5: 12mm, Size 6: 11mm, Size 7: 10mm, Size 8: 9mm, Size 9: 8mm, Size 10: 7mm


    Includes: ultra sticky nail glue tabs for multiple uses


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