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This rich purple nail is accented with two intertwining swirls in a mint green and holographic rose colored chrome. They are medium length and an almond shaped. This look has the perfect amount of nail art to catch someone's eye, but not cause a distraction. 


  • Length: Medium

    Shape: Almond

    Color: Deep Purple with mint green and rose holo chrome lines

    Finish: Hi Gloss

    Size: Custom (please specify below)

    Size 0: 18mm, Size 1: 16mm, Size 2: 15mm, Size 3: 14mm, Size 4: 13mm, Size 5: 12mm, Size 6: 11mm, Size 7: 10mm, Size 8: 9mm, Size 9: 8mm, Size 10: 7mm


    Includes: ultra sticky nail glue tabs for multiple uses

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